Welcome to the
Get Well America Tour!

Tired of all the meanness? Try some kindness. Join Lynn as she travels America extending kindness to others, inspiring and encouraging us all to increase our daily kindness, first to oneself and then to others.

The “road angels” she meets understand the power of kindness and the desperate need for it in our lives today. They too are tired of the meanness and are looking for a way to stop it. They understand that each and every one of us has an opportunity to significantly increase our kindness.

It is easy to increase kindness when the ability and habit of seeing something good in oneself and others is developed and we are able to celebrate one another with genuine care and acceptance, be it family, friends, acquaintances or strangers.

To support her work in the healing of America through kindness, Lynn often gives a pass-along copy of Simply Coaching for Your Highest and Best to the people she meets along the way. She also leaves copies in Little Libraries throughout the country, each book given with a wish for it to find just the right people to teach and inspire a kinder, better life.

Join Lynn in this most important effort at this difficult time in our country’s life.

Develop your kindness!!!!

Be kind to yourself first and then to others.

Let’s Get America Well!


Pictures and Stories from the tour

  • Fox
    That was a great tour thanks!
  • Jon
    That was a great tour thanks!
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