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Welcome to Simply Coaching!
I am so happy to share this meaningful and useful information
to help guide us to a better way of being,
where championing the best in one another and ourselves is common and expected.
~ Lynn Coffey ~


Listen to what my clients say

  • Gloria P.
    Not sure if I should hug you and thank you or strangle you because you got me contemplating "Highest and My Best".   Yes, I am adding “My” for now. I do love you.
    Gloria P.
  • Jon R.
    The benefits are powerful. Lynn’s approach is exactly as it sounds… Simple.  By reading Simply Coaching and trying some of the exercises – I’ve been able to better organize my business for success, improve all my relationships, and reduce stress as I move forward in the world both professionally and personally.  I recommend the book to everyone I know.
    Jon R.
    Simply Coaching Reader and Business Owner
  • The Denver Business Journal
    Lynn McIntyre to Denver businesses and business people what Vince Lombardi was to the Green Bay Packers.  She makes winners.
    The Denver Business Journal
  • Andrew B.
    Her coaching techniques have had a strong postive effect on my attitude and diligence in everyday management, especially in mainti=aining a foucs on the needs and direction of the business.
    Andrew B.
  • Skip B.
    I find Lynn's values, character and competence to be of the first order.  They are spiced with intuition, artistic expression, and creativity.
    Skip B.
    Leadership Consultant, and Coach
  • Patrick W.
    Simply Coaching is a treatise on coaching that is even more relevant and useful today to the practitioner, and to those who benefit from the power of coaching conversations to achieve new insights, create intentions, and make desired changes in their lives.
    Patrick W.
    EdD, MCC, Becoming a Professional Life Coach 2018

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Lynn McIntyre Coffey

An early pioneer, writer and educator in the coaching industry, Lynn Coffey's original Simply Coaching, 1997, traveled worldwide, teaching and influencing the formation of the exploding industry of personal and professional coaching. It returns now with added material to help coaches and the citizens of the world achieve their Highest and Best!

Ever the maverick and standard holder, Lynn always looks for ways to make the world a little bit better. Her childhood "Smile Route" taught her the value of looking into someone's eyes with joy and acceptance. The impact of her original Simply Coaching taught her the importance of sharing her gifts. A favorite teacher among children and adults and a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and business coach, Lynn received a BS in Education from the University of Cincinnati, and an MBA from Pepperdine University. She was an early recipient of the designation of Master Certified Coach, MCC. A resident of Denver, Colorado, Lynn is happy to be out in the world once again, sharing what she knows.

Lynn welcomes opportunities to speak with young, old, and in-between, near and far, individually and in groups as a speaker, lecturer, and friend.

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