Where I’m Going, Where I’ve Been

February 17
College Station and Bryan, TX

“Gotta Stop —Gotta have BBQ”

Gotta stop at the George H.W. Bush Presidential library… more on that in an upcoming blog.  Bestest ever BBQ with the bestest ever owner/chef and host!  If you are ever in Bryan, Texas, you must stop!  And get some extra sauce!!!

And of course, Little Libraries…

February 14
Loveland, TX

“Loveland on Valentine’s Day!”

It was fun and silly, but wanted to do it.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all 🙂

I wrote a blog about No Name, see it here >

February 10
No Name, TX

“No Name, I guess they’re still working on it.”

No Name was a neat stop in a small town in TX.  It has no name, which apparently blah blah blah.  Then more blah and blah.  Was fun.

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